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Gwen Dobie . . . director, performer, movement coach, creator and Co-Artistic Director of Out of the Box Productions. She is currently on faculty at York University. Full Bio . . .

William J Mackwood . . . lighting and projection designer (interactive and on demand) and Co-Artistic Director of Out of the Box Productions. His is currently on faculty at York University. Full Bio . . .

Rallentando~ an Installation

Rallentando is an installation that creates a virtual Forest, enabling hyper-living humans to experience a vital restoration of body and memory. 

Created by Gwenyth Dobie from Out of the Box Productions, Rallentando is based on the Japanese idea of Shinrin-Yoku, or forest bathing. It is an environment that creates calming effects through changes in the nervous system—in the same way as exposure to nature has been proven to do. 

Rallentando aims to offer a restorative experience of a virtual nature; to return to a balanced state of being in order to reestablish the central nervous system and the internal systems of the body; to experience the opposite of our habitual fight or flight response (or the acute stress response) due to excessive stimuli found in most contemporary urban environments. 

Here's what people are saying about Rallentando

    “It was a remarkable experience “ 

“I wished I could have this in my home all the time!”
    “Beautiful, peaceful, thought-provoking. Thank you!”
“I reflected on the beautiful "cycle" of using technology to create a relaxing oasis of nature within a city, in a society that often blames technology for removing us from the natural world.”
    “I didn't want to leave”
“It felt like going to Neverland”

Rallentando is ready for your conference, festival or art installation. For more information contact Gwenyth Dobie

Chromesthesia (March 2018)

an Installation from Out of the Box Productions

for full details . . .

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